Next has releases Tablet for £180

Here is a good news for all the customers doing their holiday shopping on the website of UK fashion retailer Next, as they are offering one gift Dad’s for sure and more than a belt or tie.

This can be a different way and a strange choice to market a British clothing company sale tablet computer, but Next has done just that and at a very attractive price. Next just released its Christmas shopping catalog, and inside was one very interesting gift option, a tablet computer with 10” WXGA LCD touchscreen, 802.11n Wi-Fi, an Arm 11 processor, 8GB of memory, memory-card reader and two USB ports.

You can observe lot of things hitting the market these days, but the Next tab has a big selling point and that’s the retailer small price. The device is selling for £180, which is less than $300 in US currency, at least $200 cheaper than the iPad. Since this model just became available today it’s too soon to have gotten feedback from users.

You can just analyst if any US retailers will consider a budget-priced tab to compete with the costlier offerings coming from the major tech companies.


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