Next iPhone May Feature HD FaceTime Camera?

iPhone FaceTime camera

iPhone 4S gave us Siri, which was something extraordinary and to a large extent, it was one of the first thing of its kind in the world of technology. Now obviously people expect something more from next generation iPhone (nicknamed as iPhone 5).

Any rumor surrounding iPhone 5 features grabs eyeballs and the latest one is no different from others.

AppleInsider recently pointed to a new research note on Wednesday, 6 June 2012, from KGI’s Mingchi Kuo, an analyst, who is believed to be “known for having sources deep within Apple’s supply chain.” The research note claimed that Apple’s next smartphone could feature a new HD-capable front-facing camera.

According to rumor, a significant upgrade from the current VGA sensor used in the iPhone 4S, the new iPhone will have the high resolution shooter. The shooter would allow users to make higher-quality FaceTime calls. Kuo said that shooter will be repositioned to the center of the handset.

This is not the first time we have heard rumors of FaceTime HD making its way into an upcoming Apple product. This feature was expected to turn up in both the iPhone 4S and the New iPad. It never did.

Apple has not commented on this issue. The iPhone is long overdue for a FaceTime camera upgrade. With the handset expected to receive an all-new 4-inch display, LTE and other improvements this year, now seems as good a time as any to do it.

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