Next Gen iPhone And iPad May Offer 20 Times More Graphic Performance

iPad 3

Imaginations Technology announced at Consumer Electronics Show (CES), this past Tuesday that company’s next generation PowerVR Series6 GPU core family will offer 20 times more performance than the current generation.

Apple is a major shareholder in this company and it has used the chips manufactured here in their iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod Touch.

The PowerVRG6200 and PowerVRG6400 GPU dare the first the family of PowerVR Series6 GPU that have achieved high performance at low power consumption.

The Series6GPU is expected to provide “unrealistic gaming” and enable more complex applications that would deliver 20 times or more of the performance of current GPU ten-millions through an architecture that would be five times more efficient than previous generations.

There are rumors that Apple’s rumored “A6” chip might be featured in iPad 3 (expected to come in March 2012 by Apple fanboys), may feature Imagination Series6 GPUs.’

Source: BGR

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