Next iPod Nano May Follow iPhone Design

iPod Nano

Sources in the Far East (read Japan) are claiming that Apple’s next iPod nano borrows no shortage of aesthetic and internal design attributes from the iPhone.

Japanese blog Macotakara claims that Pod nano will be oblong, not square-shaped.

If the “reliable sources” quoted by Macotakara are to be believed, the click-wheel interface will be eliminated. Instead, there would be a familiar home-button near the bottom of the gadget that will give users most of the control they need. It is implied that the iPod nano will sport a touchscreen.

For past few months, there have been speculations about Apple likely to pull the plug on Ping this fall. However, where there is an anticipated loss, there is also now an expected addition to the iTunes world. Macotakara has said that the iPod nano will get its own dedicated iTunes service.

Macotakara presented the image renderings above based on the allegedly leaked case design. If true, this design apparently spills the beans on the look of the next iPod nano – an Apple device that has not had a facelift in a while. At the time of this news report being written, it is not clear whether the device will be iOS-powered or if it will be released in conjunction with the new iPhone this October.

Source: Modmyi

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