Next iPod Touch with camera?

The guys of Cult of Mac released some pictures of Chinese cases that will be available for the new iPod Touch.

The Chinese case manufactures learned of the new iPods’ precise dimensions in May, the emails reveal. But to be sure, the case makers say they double checked the dimensions. They are now so certain of their intelligence, they are redying factory molds to have the cases available for when the iPods ship.


The big surprise is that the iPod Touch’s camera is in the center of the device, not offset like the camera in the iPhone.

The Nano’s new camera is placed in the bottom left corner, which becomes top left when the iPod is held horizontally to take a picture, with fingers on each corner.

The outside dimensions remain largely the same as previous models, but the Nano gets a widescreen display, the better to take photos with the camera on the back.

Apple is likely to introduce the new iPods in September, in time for the holiday shopping season.

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