Nielsen withdraws App statement

Recently Nielsen released a survey claiming that a third of iPad owner had never downloaded a single app. This figure sounded fishy at the time, and now the firm has admitted they are mistaken.

The revered Nielsen market research firm has been conducting surveys for decades, and they usually get their results right, but they seem to have made a big boo-boo this time. After releasing a widely-quoted claim that approximately one-third of current iPad owners had never bothered to download one app, even the free ones, now Nielsen has recanted that number, lowering the estimate to more like one in ten. The new stats say fully 91% of iPad owners have downloaded an app or two, or more.

Nielsen released this cryptic statement: “This article and the related download have been amended to reflect updates to the percentage of iPad users in the survey downloading apps.”

Well after missing an explanation, Nielsen should admit “We screwed up.” When faced with thousands of apps on all kinds of subjects, many of them free, how many iPad users are going to pass on trying a few?


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