Nine Essential iPad Tips And Tricks


Anybody can use an iPad at a basic level. It has been designed that way. However, there are things that you are expected to know. Things that nobody would tell you. Thus, allow us to share some tips with you.

1. The Soft Reset
Some people do not know how to perform a soft reset. Usually one needs to perform soft reset in cases when the system freezes. To perform this, you need to hold the top (power) and bottom front (home) button for a few seconds. Your iPad will restart. To force quit an application, just hold the home button by itself in a similar fashion.

2. Cut, Copy and Paste for Experts
Tap any editable text four times. You’ll highlight the whole paragraph.Copying text is as easy as double tapping a word. However, when you want to copy a whole paragraph, like for an address, you have to select a lot by moving cursor. Tap any editable text four times. This will highlight the whole paragraph.

3. Import Your Own (Free) Books
The iBooks app from Apple is a portal for you to read and buying eBooks on the iPad. It includes a section with a few free books. However, you should not forget that just like iTunes and the iPod can import and play music downloaded elsewhere, the iTunes and the iPad can import and display books downloaded elsewhere. However, there are limited formats. The iPad only supports ePub (with or without DRM).

Your local library can be a great source for free ebooks. Also, There are 30,000 free ePub books on Project Gutenberg that you can download. All of these books have fallen out of copyright. There are classic books as well as RSS list of new arrivals.

4. Easy Mute
Sometimes, you watch video clips on YouTube that can disturb others if you forget to mute them! No need to worry. There is a quick way to mute the speaker.Holding down the volume down button for about two seconds will mute your iPad.

5. No need for digital photo frame again
iPad can serve as a digital photo frame. You can access this function a few ways. However, this is the easiest way.

When you wake (switch on) the iPad, look to the right of Slide to Unlock. You will see a flower. Click it. The slideshow will begin after a moment. Toggle the speed in Settings. Turn off “zoom in on faces”.

6. Take Giant Screenshots
On iPad, you can take pictures and screenshots with high resolution. It would be at 768×1024 resolution. This would make your picture potentially a lot more useful in the full-sized monitor realm than iPhone screenshots. Just push the top (power) and home buttons at once for half a second. The photo will be stored in your photo library.

7. Super Fast Webpage Scrolling
If you want to scroll down on a web-page without rubbing your finger on the ipad, just tap the title bar once and you would be right back on top of the page.

8. Preview More Of Your Mail
On iPad, you can set your mail to preview more than two lines? This feature is pretty handy for skimming several emails without opening them.

Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts and Calendars and select “5 lines” under Preview. While you are at it, you might want to update your Push email from “Manual” if you like to have your messages waiting when you open the Mail app. However, this can cause your battery to drain more quickly.

9. Bring Up the Virtual Keyboard With a Real Keyboard
When you have a Bluetooth keyboard connected to your iPad, the virtual keyboard will disappear. However, if you need virtual keyboard for some random reason, you do not need unpair your Bluetooth. Just hit the eject key on Apple’s physical keyboard. It will bring up the virtual keyboard.

Source: Gizmodo

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