‘No 1080p display of iPhone XR!’ explained

Since last few days, there are a lot of confusions prevailed about iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR Specs. Hence with Apple’s fault being a part of that, has screen density and storage capacity which they do not list RAM and battery capacity. With the parts being a fault and having a broken internet along with broken telephone, hence passes on with information without any context or clarity resulting in getting wrapped in a distorted way significantly less than helpful.


The difference between Apple and Android processors are systems-on-a-chip or SoC — before. TL; DR:  There is an advantage usually served by Apple that is being served only for one customer at a time: Apple, uses only one processor: Apple.

What does this have to do with RAM? The SoC which includes the RAM is like a RAM sandwich where one has a feed which needs all the software running on it. But, like many other things in silicon,  it is not about quantity but about efficiency.

With iOS being a native code, which was not interpreted and does not have to worry about things like garbage collection of the code, since, after a brief filtration with it. Since there is a price being set for RAM which comes at a cost and the processes running on it,  consumes power, lowering battery life. Hence to make it a feature that Apple included a 4G of RAM for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with a keynote to state, on the tech specs page, and on the box.

Which may be why it needs more explaining?


Power is all about efficiency where there are favourite accessories of the past few years: The iPhone Smart Battery Case launched in December without the benefit of a Phil Schiller keynote pitch without any kind context from Apple.

With battery being the case one could have the best buy upon and people missing it was looking at capacity, not efficiency. Hence the hump got the battery mass away which is away from the antennas, without blocking any signal.

With iPhone XS one can have a slightly smaller battery than the previous iPhone X, with a significantly smaller processor. The world’s first 7-nanometer, making Apple as sure to tell us right up front which can also save power with efficiencies in everything from the controller to iOS 12 resulting in slightly smaller battery about 30 minutes longer.

I prefer that I did get a 90% of people having a number means, 2% probably really will not understand what it means within the complete architecture and management system of the device — and also certainly not one among them. With the other 8% of us would just look at it, is with no clue of what happens with blog posts and videos one can yell about in an absolute valueless terming the real benefit of almost no one.

Hence Apple being kept with slightly improving battery life with the reduced amount of weight. And that’s fine in a world where, you know, Instagram, Facebook, Pokémon Go, and most streaming apps were actually well coded and didn’t just fire up your GPS, screen, and data and drain your battery as fast possible.

With 5G getting commenced with augmented reality, and artificially intelligent everything, that one thinks of is Apple should keep on holding the line is on the line which is slightly higher.


iPhone XR has significantly lower screen resolution with density than iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max which depresses some people due to different reasons including me.

With the difference being understood being a point on a display where the iPhone up to iPhone 3GS, has a point which was drawn with a single pixel. On iPhone 4, it was with 4 pixels which did not make a huge difference for dots or squares, but for angles and curves which one could produce fidelity that was, literally, twice as good.

With Retina or HiDPi a function not just of resolution and size, is the reason of a 4K TV which not only looking much of a difference than a 1080p TV of equal size with more than one sitting 10 feet away which increases the size or decrease the distance starting to see the difference.

With a density being specified with the use-case, for a VR headset where the distance is so close with the resolution where one is having as high as technologically possible is wasting the power with any pixel where most people cannot discern at a normal viewing distance.

For iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, Apple is doing two very different things. For iPhone XS Max, Apple is letting @3x be @3x. The result is a 2688-by-1242-pixel resolution at 458 ppi. For iPhone XR, Apple is letting @2x stay @2x. That results in a 1792-by-828-pixel resolution at 326 ppi.

iPhone XS Max literally has the iPhone XS Super retina display which fits a physically larger screen and iPhone XR with the iPhone 4/5/6/7/8 regular having Retina display with more pixels to fit a physically larger screen.

This is considered to be the same with YouTube or any other video. Hence you will not get pixel-accurate 1080p video on an iPhone XR with the way you an iPhone Plus is. Also one does not get it anyway because of 16:9 the way the Plus was, with pillar-boxing not getting withstanding, either being scaled up 720p or scaled down 1080p.

With the same issue being mentioned on an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, has just stepped up with both bigger than 1080p and not big enough for 4K, which was upscaled to 1080p video or, maybe, downscaled 4K.

Will you notice the difference? With the exception of VR headset use, not really, one wants 4K, probably which is closer to 8K per eye, and no phone display anywhere near that.

With a far-far bigger deal with iPhone XR does not support HDR since it is LCD and not OLED. Apple being worked with another engineering miracle is making an LCD display without being bezeled and could stand up next to the iPhone X and iPhone XS displays using them all which really does but to make a note LCD simply cannot do HDR. With high dynamic range, not high density, one should really have the state of the art of video these days.


I get a lot of people passionate about specs which are often emotional, not logical arguments taking over because of feelings, not facts, right? But with these being discussed which benefits immensely from a little reason and a lot of logic.

Thus with people interested in these products has to deserve information with the demand that information in the context is easy and the real meaning is hard.