No More New Apple Products This Year, Or What?

Apple Senior Vice President, Phil Schiller, expressed in an interview to Gizmodo prior to last weeks product updates, that the company has completed their lineup for the holiday season, and that no more products will be released this year.

This time we got official word in the last one-on-one media briefing from Apple, in which they told Brian about the new iMac 27, the new Unibody MacBook, and new Magic Mouse. We were talking casually about about it, and he mentioned something that Phil Schiller told him: There are not going to be any new Apple products this year. Yes, that’s what my favorite Apple VP said. No más cosas de la manzana, ¿comprende?
Anyhow, after gizmodo released their article, they got contacted by Apple, who told that “the actual quote is “The holiday lineup is set,”” and whatever that means is until now, just a clue. As far as we know, the Holiday Season is at the end of everyones calendar, but still there is a few days between Christmas and New Years Evening, and maybe we will see a new Apple product in that period?

Yesterday we provided you with a rumor on a MacBook Pro update, and earlier today we wrote about the rumored Apple tablet, so maybe one of those products will be announced and/or released somewhere between Christmas and New Years Evening?

– Read the full article at gizmodo

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