No more Screwing up, the Survival tools are here [Review]

Do the Screwed when you screwed up.
Here is an application to rescue you from a hostile situation. When you use the app, you will find many options to help you out. The benefit you get from it is when you do not know what to do in an adverse circumstances.

This App has a total of 25 categories some of which are:

Zombies, where in you can type your phrase or preset phrase and activate the sound and press the translate button. The moment you press the button it gives scary sound and noises made by zombies, which can irritate it eventually.

Lost in the dark, provides you with a flashlight screen which acts as a tools if you are stuck in the dark. Moreover, it states some essentials points like what should you do if such situations arrives.
In the wild, would be of vital use when you are in woods, forests or can say any unknown places. This category has survival strategies, planning ,medicines, shelter guidance, food procuring methods, direction findings ,signaling techniques etc.

Fleeing the funny farm, deals with psychology test. Its fun to play with the default questions available. You can say without going to a doctor you would know where you stand mentally.

Escaping Twilight Fans, has nothing to do much besides the name twilight. When you start the game there will be an apple at the center appearing and disappearing surrounded by black and white graphic moving centric to the apple. If u constantly look at the apple, its like hypnotizing you.

Avoiding Fatal Attraction, is again a simple play, where you will have default questions which you may not like or expect just press the red button and you are out.

Dealing with the vampires, gives you the vampire repellant. Usually a Cross, garlic and holy water are considered to be the best tools to get rid of the bad shadows. The above mentioned repellants moves it your finger tips.

Laying on your Deathbed, deals with something that would sound funny if goes with the tittle. Its about jotting down your thought and ideas in your due course of time. It is going to replace a diary book in near future.

Thwarting Thieves, to be used to protect your iPhone. This app set alarm notes and if unauthorized people tries to access it the alarm goes on with an immense volume. So, beware, the alarm is here.

Beating Bombstrappers, would be of much benefit to detects any terrorist attacks. It will display the areas or your home from being severe, high, elevated or low risk terrorists attacks. Big organizations and government can try this app.

End of the World, carries out is really world coming to an end. Nevertheless speculations that the mankind would be destroyed by Dec 21, 2010 getting to people’s nerves. The app gives you a proper history of the formation of the earth, the various calendars made during that and in-scripts what the scientists and astronomers thinks about the world coming to an halt.

Picking someone to die, is again a simple format to play on. Its like in order to save your life, you have to put others in jaw of death. Its totally a time-pass but wont hold people for long.

Lost in the World, is a GPS locater. This app is to provide with info like in which latitude and longitude you are exactly standing, how many kilometers you have travelled, the altitude of the place. See your globe is in your hand.

Hunting For ghost, is something to do with paranormal activities. Here you have to set an alarm and if that place have certain magnetic fields then it signifies the presence of paranormal activity. There are EMF Tripwires installed to detect those wavelengths.

Checking things out, is nothing but a black mirror which might seems to be of no use. But every single object has it utility. What can be the uses of black mirror is listed in the option uses. Something stuck in your teeth or hair can fairly be make out if the black mirror is in your pocket.

Talking with the gangsters, is a dictionary where you will find certain words to communicate with locals or in emergencies when you don t know what the other party in the field communicating. So you can talk the language of gangsters if this dictionary is in your hand.

Getting in the scene, will display the cards or the legal identity pass which will help you to get through the restricted areas. There are some samples of a big institute in America like the FBI, United state Marshall, American states passports.

Measuring up has a ruler, so that in time of need you can measure the stuffs. But this devices would be of much use in academic aspects. Though it has limitations like the scale is of limited value and if the object to be measured exceeds that point, its of no use.

I am sure you might not be interested in reading the full twenty-five but having one to see when it becomes a life saver for you someday.
Price: 1.99

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