No Water Damage With LifeProof iPhone Case

LifeProof iPhone case

In past we reported the rumors about iPhone 5 to be water-proof. We also told you about Liquipel who would make your iPhone water-proof if you send it to them for servicing.

However, if cannot wait for iPhone 5 and you do not wish to part with your iPhone, we have another solution for you.

Here is a LifeProof case for your iPhone.

For those who have not heard of the LifeProof, it is an ultra-durable iPhone case. It is thinner than the popular Otterbox Defender, and can handle falls and water splashes.

LifeProof’s casing is made out of hard, rubberized plastic. It covers both the handset’s charging port and headphone jack. It has been built to protect iPhone from drops, dirt, snow and water. Water does not mean few drops or a little splash of water. Even if your iPhone falls in a jar of water or in a river, LifeProof case can save it.

You can find the case on LifeProof’s online store, in a variety of colors, for $79.99.

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Source: iDownload Blog

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