No way! iPad intimidate by Ad put by BestBuy ( Bullied)

Very rare we can see such ads where the reseller thrashes the product they are retailing. The same thing happen when BestBuy bullied iPad in an ad.

The above picture shows the Asus Eee Pad Transformer and iPad with a keyboard duct-taped on bearing the line, “Like That.” Next to it is the Asus tablet with the slogan “Only Better.” The “better” Asus is hawking is that its Android Honeycomb tablet has an optional keyboard and touchpad dock that allows the user to convert the tablet into a netbook.

BestBuy and Apple has along history of mutual relationship, where Apple allow BestBuy to be one of the first store to retail iPad and iPad 2.

Very soon Apple will issue a statement, so lets wait and see whether their relationship will be the same.


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