Nokia biggest challenges to ship products on time

The Nokia’s chief executive and head of smartphones are reporting that the new hires’ biggest priority will be to reassert their company’s dominance as the top handset maker in the world. But for now it seems Nokia won’t be able to do that without shipping products in a timely manner.

As mention last week about Nokia announcing that Stephen Elop, previously the head of Microsoft’s business software division will replace Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo as chief executive. Even the New York Times now reports that Ansii Vanjoki, Nokia’s executive vice president and general manager for mobile solutions is going to depart in six months. Jorma Ollila, chairman of Nokia’s board is also likely to step down in 2012.

Recently the Nokia’s N8, the first Symbian 3 smartphone, finally got an official release date. It will arrive in Nokia’s online store during the final week of September, and in U.K. retail stores on October 1. Nokia introduced the N8, the official announcement came in April and that was a long time. The phone will already seem stale on arrival.

Moreover, the smartphone market is moving too fast for Nokia’s pace and by the end of this year, more competitorswill emerge in the form of Windows Phone 7 and WebOS 2.0. Meanwhile, Android 3.0 handsets are rumored to arrive this holiday season, not long after the continuing rollout of Froyo to existing Android phones.


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