Nom Nom Monkey Game [Review]

nom nom monkeyNom Nom Monkey is a game which shows us that how a simple game can easily win your heart. There is nothing which you can say is complex in this game.

Nom Nom Monkey is about a cute little monkey, who likes to rapidly gorge on a huge amount of fruits, the bigger the better. And you have to help him in eating as much as possible.All we have to do is put our finger opposite to the NomNom and it will itself follow the direction and will try to eat as much as possible.

There are two modes available for the game, first is frenzy mode and the second one is survival mode.The frenzy mode is pretty simple. Here you have to help Nom-Nom eat fruits as much as possible but the time limit here is 60 seconds only. There are different types of fruits available but the golden ones will add some extra time in the timer.

The survival mode comes with a little twist. Here, you have to help the Nom-Nom in eating the fruits.  At the same time, you also have to save him from falling bombs from the sky as well as spears. If Nom-Nom swallows a bomb, then it will explode but the spear will merely be a hindrance in the path of Nom-Nom. This mode is all about scoring as many points as possible without any time limit.

The menu tells us that there is a third mode coming soon, which will combine the frenzy mode and survival mode. The game comes with 35 in-gaNom Nom Monkey Gameme achievements.

The new update features the Game center leaderboards where you can share your high scores with world.

This is a kind of game which will be loved by people of all ages and if you have love for arcade games than this one is a must for you.


Nom Nom Monkey is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires 4.0 or later version.

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