Not at all, Gates refused iPad and iPod for his three children

When all the young kids are in the swing of embracing iPad and other Apple’s products but there some kids unable to get hold of the wonderful device. Here, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and wife Melinda have three kids ranging from 8-14, just the age for discovering electronic gadgets like the iPad and iPod, but it seems there are some devices banned in the Gates house.

The three children of Bill Gates would seem to be the luckiest kids ever, since dad is the richest man in the world and both parents are devoted to charitable causes, like saving the planet. However, there are a few things the Gates kids aren’t allowed to have, like anything made by Apple.

Melinda Gates told the New York Times that the kids can’t have even an iPod, no matter how hard they beg for one. “I have gotten that argument — ‘You may have a Zune.’” So what about an iPad? “Of course not.”
Last year, Mrs. Gates told Vogue, “There are very few things that are on the banned list in our household. But iPods and iPhones are two things we don’t get for our kids.”

May be in few months or years, those teenage kids will be sneaking iPads into their rooms like their peers sneak smokes and booze.


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