Note Goal Pro App Review

NoteGoalPro iPad

Now here is an app that can be helpful to piano learning students and the trainers who are giving piano lessons.

Created by Shining Code, Note Goal Pro can serve as game or practice instrument for experienced piano players who can polish their skills while for beginners, it can act as a great tutors so that they practice and grasp the ability to play piano.

Note Goal Pro has a wide range of level control.

With this app been updated for the fourth time, allow me to give you a glimpse of the new features that you can experience in this app:

1. MIDI Input:
Supports MIDI keyboard input with CoreMIDI (via Apple Camera Connection Kit).

2. There is a large Note Range It covers 5 octaves, from G0 to F5.

3. Teaching Mode:
Here, you hit a key see its note and pitch name.

Note Goal Pro iPad

4. Range Selection:
The feature of adjustable range allows you practice to particular notes intensively.

5. Multiple Quiz Types:
There are four quiz types which include Random, Ascending, Descending and Chords. These types let you practice your skill in different ways.

6. All Key Signatures:
There are 15 key signatures for treble clef and bass clef respectively.

7. Help Modes:
There are three help modes, including a Tutor mode for beginners.

8. Color Coded Keys:
While practicing, a feature can apply colors to give you a hint for correct keys. This feature can be very helpful for beginners and kids.

9. Pitch Name Label:
Each white key can have its pitch name labeled on it.

10. Multiple Notes:
In apps similar to Note Goal Pro, you can see only one note at a time. However, in Note Goal Pro it is possible to see multiple notes simultaneously. This can improvise your reading speed.

11. Game Length Control:
In each game there are quizzes for you with up to 10 pages of notes. You can adjust the number of notes as well as the number of pages.

12. Hi-Score Records:
30 records keep your highest scores of all treble and bass scales separately.

13. Gorgeous Sound:
This app sounds like a real piano. The sound is high quality and soothing to ears.

14. Keyboard Size Control:
Not forget that you are practicing on your iPad and not on a real pain, you have the option to adjust the keyboard size to fit your need. In this app, three different keyboard sizes are available.

15. Achievements:
You can improve your skill with more fun by gaining achievements. Your scores of all scales will be listed in a table.

16. Multiple User Profiles:
This app gives you 20 user profiles. You can share this app with your friends or family members. This feature is also very helpful for piano teachers to keep multiple student records. The teacher can also share his iPad with students.

This game is compatible with iPad. It requires iOS 4.2 or later version.

So are you ready to play game and improvise the skills of playing your favorite musical notes on a “piano”. Tell us in the comments section.

Click here to buy and download Note Goal Pro.

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