Google Brings Notification Center Support To Gmail iOS App

G-Mail Notification

Google has updated the Gmail for iOS client. It is bringing a number of improvements to the app originally released this past November.

The new update has added Notification Center support. The other newly added features are the ability to send mail from alternate email addresses, and the ability for users to stay logged into the app indefinitely.

Our team has been working hard to bring your most-requested features to the Gmail app for iOS.


First up, Gmail is now fully integrated with Notification Center and supports banners, alerts and lock screen options. Plus, notifications are now incredibly fast — up to 5x faster than in the previous version.

Next, you now have the option to send mail from alternate email addresses. If you have configured alternate sender addresses in Gmail on your desktop under Settings->Accounts->Send mail as you will see a From: option when composing new messages in the app.

Lastly, we’ve improved the login process to allow you to stay logged into the app for as long as you’d like. You can still choose to sign out of your account, but you won’t be automatically logged out after a certain period of time has elapsed.

G-Mail for iOS is a free app? What would you like to say about the new updates for G-Mail app? Post your comments.

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