Now Amazon Selling iPads, more retail outlets coming up

Now more numbers of retail outlets are selling the iPad and every day the numbers are growing. Yesterday online giant Amazon began selling iPads, making it the only place other than the Apple Store to offer the popular device online. But sadly for those who prefer buying high-end products online to avoid sales tax, the prices of the iPads are a bit higher at Amazon. The 16GB Wi-Fi model that sells for $499 (plus tax, free shipping) at the Apple Store starts at $544.99 (plus $19.99 shipping) at Amazon.

Well even Amazon and various sellers are offering iPads for various prices, but none of them sound like authorized Apple resellers. Of course, this being Amazon, those prices could have changed by the time you read this. It does seem a bit odd that the home of the Kindle would stock a competing device, but that’s business.


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