Now Facebook billionaire stars in The Simpsons

Reports are coming up that Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has been transmuted into an animated character for the latest episode of the super hit TV show The Simpsons. E! Online reported, the billionaire lent his voice and animated face to an episode which will also star Virgin boss Richard Branson and ‘Microsoft’ founder Bill Gates.

It seems that two of them have appeared on the show when Lisa Simpson visits an entrepreneur show. Here Mark Zuckerberg , 26 informs the school children at his Facebook stand that neither him, Bill Gates nor Richard Branson actually finished university.

Mark Zuckerberg also pointed out that people who don’t graduate from university make only three per cent less on the whole than people who do. Well, whether he is there to encourage the students or to find a new means of learning. For that reason the parents and the students know best.


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