Now I can Have 64GB iPhone 4 – Possible

Rumor about 64GB iPhone 4 is nothing new, gossip is going around for a couple of months now. If it is true then Apple will have no trouble in making a 64GB model in production quantities.

An internal memo circulating at Verizon retailer Russell Cellular makes clear reference to a 32GB and 64GB white iPhone 4, according to TIMN.

The latest tidbit comes courtesy of third-party Verizon retailer Russell Cellular, which has been circulating a memo this week referencing a 64GB capacity in the same breath as the old 32. We’ve now gotten the same memo (albeit in different formats) from multiple tipsters. Clearly, we wouldn’t put it past the author of the memo to have simply dropped the ball, meaning to type “16 and 32gb” instead of “32 and 64gb” — those kinds of typos happen all the time — but the launch seems totally plausible considering that it’d take Apple very little effort to make that change on the assembly line.

TIMN suggests that it is plausible for Apple to use a 64GB edition to inject some life into the iPhone 4, similar to what it did with the white edition, to keep demand up through the summer.

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