NYPD Nabs Many In iPhone/iPad Sting Operation

iPhone 4S

There are various news that thieves and muggers prefer to steal iPhone over androids and Blackberrys.

Many of them steal such phones to sell them at cheaper prices. Or to sell them to some vendors who wanted to carry out the illegal sales of iPhones.

Obviously, such people could be caught only by a sting operation. The New York Police Department (NYPD) ran an undercover sting operation on vendors and businesses who had been accused of selling the stolen iPads and iPhones. The sting operation resulted in the arrest of 141 people.

Undercover officers actually went out to businesses with iPhone 4s and iPad 2s. They claimed that the items were stolen. When the business owners agreed to buy them, the cops arrested them.

The businesses had been suspected of selling stolen merchandise in past.

However, not all of the arrests were necessarily of the businesses’ owners. There is a possibility that the cops used information given to make other arrests as well.

The commendable act of NYPD to nab many poetical criminals must have brought smiles on the faces of Apple and Apple users who may have experienced the theft of their iPhone and iPad.

Source: TUAW

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