NYT Sources Confirm iPad Mini Coming This Fall

iPad Mini

The New York Times (NYT) has recently joined a series of publications by claiming that a source provided insider information of Apple’s plan to release a smaller and cheaper iPad model for release later this year. This rumored model of iPad has been named by media as iPad-Mini.

The report provides no additional information. However, it does confirm previous rumors by saying consumers can expect the unannounced 7.85-inch iPad that will cost “significantly less than the latest $499 iPad” when it arrives later this year.

In past, previous reports from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Bloomberg have claimed that Apple was working on the currently called “iPad Mini” and the rumored device would be launched before the year’s end. Recently, images of supposed iPad Mini “engineering samples” were leaked and the images included side-by-side comparisons with the current third-generation iPad.

According to analysts and those in the technology industry, Apple’s move to create a smaller iPad is a new strategy to try and garner and retain a larger market share by introducing a variety of tablet sizes. Here, NYT, cleverly pointed out that the introduction of a new model is similar to the strategy used with the iPod line, which ranges from the iPod Shuffle to the iPod Classic.

If the iPad Mini is announced, it might face some tough competition with Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, a rumored Facebook tablet, Windows Surface tablet and the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire models. The target audience is lower but the company may overall flourish as many continue to grow fond of Apple products and switching platforms is usually more effort than it is worth.

Launching iPad-Mini will also allow Apple to target a new audience which was previously untapped potential for Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

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