Old safari bookmarks appear after Snow Leopard Upgrade?

safari512pxSince the release of Apple’s latest major operating system, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, which was released the 28th August, several sources claim to have found that their Safari 4 bookmarks have been mixed up with old ones. It seems that the Snow Leopard upgrade, according to our sources, restores previously deleted bookmarks in Safari. These bookmarks will of course have to be locatable somewhere on the system, so clues are that deleted bookmark items which are still available in Time Machine, might appear after the upgrade to Snow Leopard.

We will continue to investigate the matter, and post updates about the issue as we hear about them. The sources are reliable, but the reason for their bookmarks’ behavior may be different than a Snow Leopard upgrade. If you have experienced any of this, please leave a comment.

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