Older Apple Digital AV Adapter Not Optimized For New iPad

Apple Digital AV Adapter

A news report from Japan’s MacOtakara has noted that those who attempt to use an old Apple Digital AV Adapter with the new iPad will be disappointed. The result of this attempt will lead you to find an alert that states that the product is “not optimized” for the device, although the accessory still works once the alert is dismissed.

The warning only appears in the older version of the product (part number MC953ZM/A). Every time you connect the adapter to the third-generation iPad, you will be getting a message that displays the following message: “This accessory is not optimized for this iPad.”

Apple is selling a new version of the adapter, part number MD098ZM/A. This new adapter is compatible with the new iPad.

It had been noted that tapping the “Dismiss” button would allow the older adapter to be used but users will see the alert each time they connect the part. The original $39 Digital AV Adapter was released alongside the iPad 2 last year. It added High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) output to the iPhone 4, Fourth-generation iPod Touch, the original iPad, and iPad 2.

The accessory features an HDMI port and a Dock pass-through. The new version of the adapter costs the same amount as well.

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