One Million iPhone Users Currently at T-Mobile Network

T-Mobile USA spokesperson has revealed this information to 9to5Mac that the company has currently one million iPhone users on its network. The carrier has managed to make a niche in the market even though there is stiff competition from AT&T and Verizon.

Seth Weintraub writes:

“In a meeting with T-Mobile spokespeople today ahead of the NYC Pepcom event, I received word that there are actively over a million Apple iPhones currently on T-Mobile’s network. When asked for a breakdown, the spokesman said the majority were pre-iPhone 4 but that a significant amount of people had “taken the scissors” to their T-Mobile SIM cards. T-Mobile doesn’t currently offer a Micro-SIM solution for Apple’s iPhone 4 so people who want to use the iPhone 4 must modify their SIMs into MicroSIMs.”

According to rumors, Apple upcoming iPhone 5 will support T-Mobile network .

Folks are you surprised by these numbers?

[Via iPhonehacks]

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  1. It is a good survey that one million iPhone users currently running in T-Mobile network. The real fact that iPhones running on T-Mobile are older generation devices. AT&T and Verizon are the official iPhone carriers in the U.S.

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