One-Third Of High School Students Own iPhone

High School Students own iPhone

In 2002, when we were in the freshmen year of high-school, we used to borrow cell-phone from our parents in case we had to stay late for the schools. If we lost cell phones, we would be grounded and if parents were strict, they would never allow students like us to handle phone till next summer or even graduation.

Ten years later, things have changed today in 2012.

According to a new Piper Jaffray study, today one-third of high school students own an iPhone. You heard it right! More kids own an iPhone now, than kids had phones six years ago.

The extensive study included a survey of 5,600 US high school students. 34% reported that they owned an iPhone. This figure is double the percentage seen in last year’s study. Piper Jaffray attributed the massive increase in iPhone ownership amongst high school students to new lower cost Apple products. Apple offered the iPhone 3GS for $49 back in January 2011. Then Apple offered it for free with a new contract after the release of iPhone 4S.

In the most recent survey the percentage of teens owning an iPhone came in at 34%, up from 23% in the Fall and 17% last Spring. We believe the meaningful uptick in iPhone ownership among teens may be driven by the cheaper $49 iPhone 3GS (which is also given for free in some cases free). Interest in purchasing an iPhone in the next six months rose to 40% (another all-time high that stands against some previous surveys conducted by Modmyi). Purchase intent was at 38% in the last survey conducted by Modmyi in the Fall.

Tablet wise, Apple’s iPad dominated the high school sector. With 34% of students reported that they owned some sort of tablet device and nearly 70% claimed to own an iPad. 53% of those who owned an iPad reported owning an iPhone as well. Amazingly, Apple’s market share could increase based on the data. According to the study, 19% of students indicated they had plans to purchase a tablet within the next six months, and 80% of them plan to purchase an iPad.

Do your children go to high school? Do they own either of iPhone or iPad or both? Post your comments.

Source: Modmyi

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