OnLive Desktop Available For iPad

OnLive Desktop

Last week, OnLive were in news because they announced a new iPad app at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) which can bring Windows 7 to the iPad and allow you to run Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

It is available for free download at App store. However, at the moment, it is available only for US Residents.

The free download will provide you access to a cloud-based PC desktop running Windows 7 on your iPad, “whenever and wherever you want it.” OnLive has promised that the new app will bring you “a high-performance PC experience, regardless of the content, even when interacting with fast-action media.”

However you would be able to access only access certain applications, including the Microsoft Office suite, and a web browser. It would not be possible for you to install your own software. Thus, you should not expect to be loading up World of Warcraft on this thing.

OnLive Desktop

There is also another problem with this app. You might be taken out of it when “service is currently full” error, occurs. That means your hopes of a last-minute edit to your PowerPoint presentation will be quashed if too many people are already using the service. This error maybe due to some kind of bug. Let us hop that the bug is fixed in near future.

OnLive Desktop is available here.

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Source: Cult Of Mac

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