Open Your Heart To Your Lover With SoulMate [REVIEW]


There have been so many apps that would help you to express your love for the guy/girl that you are in love with.

LoveArt helps you to create, post-cards with a romantic message. By playing Valentine Wishes, you win unique Valentine’s Day greeting cards for your Valentine. With Poet app, you can write any poem (including romantic poem) for your lover.

Two apps titled MyBestChoice for males and females help users find boyfriends and girlfriends. My Virtual Boyfriend helps girls find a virtual boyfriend.


Now here is a new app called SoulMate which is different from all these apps. Different because this app is essential app for both couple and singles. This app helps single people find a soulmate and it helps couples to enhance and deepen their love for each other.

This is an amazing new application for those who are bored and fed up with using Kakaotalk, phone call, sms, etc! SoulMate will make these things possible all-in-one. App users must be happy to see that Jinwoo Choi has created an app useful for a variety of lovers.

The app maker says that not only for couples but also for singles, Yaongi, the love cupid, will mate them. Most match-making apps just match you and then you have to take the steering wheel and you are completely on your own. On the other hand, SoulMate, after you and your sweetheart become a couple, will offer you more features to keep your love alive.

If you are already a couple and so worried about your mate meeting other mates on app, then you are wrong. SoulMate is not a home-wrecker. It would not allow anyone else to invade your space. Nor SoulMate would ever encourage any invasion of privacy you two wish to enjoy as a couple.

All of the contents, which you two have sent or received, will be encapsulated and protected perfectly by SoulMate.


Following are the main functions of SoulMate for couples:

1. You can make a call, send sms or e-mail to your mate with just one call.

2. SoulMate has features like Scheduler/Anniversary D-Day function, which you and your mate can share with each other.

3. Album feature in SoulMate app can save the pictures while you two were on a date. You will immortalize and cherish the happy, romantic moments through this app.

4. You can categorize and sort an album that is shared only by you and your mate. This feature is called Couple Shared Album.

5. You can leave a good phrase, aromatic quote, a quick sketch, or lovely voice through Memo Note feature.

6. SoulMate has a Shared Diary feature, through which you and your mate can leave memorable notes for each other. This feature also includes Picture diary.

7. Nowadays, everybody loves to play games on his iDevice. SoulMate also features Mini Games, which you can play with your mate.

As said earlier, this app has something for everyone, couples as well as single people. Following are the main functions of SoulMate for single people:

1. SoulMate’s Matching system can find you a soulmate in your area.

2. If you are yearning for a love letter, then Random Letter feature comes to the rescue. Through this feature, you get a random letter sent by Yaongi , the love cupid (according to Korean beliefs).

3. Most important feature of this app is that it supports multiple languages.

The new version 1.4 is modifying the member works of this app.

SoulMate is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version.

This review has been written after the app being obtained from app store and the app has been used on an iPod.

After using this app, do share your comments whether this app helped you in finding love or deepening love in your current relationship.

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