Orange’s new and extra offer for iPhone4.

You can buy a new iPhone4 and also get connected to Orange. Orange has come up with new fruity plans to the iPhone4.

Orange previously provide users to pay £35 per month on a two year plan to get 600 mins and 500MB of data, on the iPhone Extra plans users will get 400 mins, but 750MB of data as well as free satellite navigation through Orange Maps and 50 photo message with feature between 750MB and 1GB of data- and the top end tariff beings 3GB of tethering data, 20MB of roaming data and 100 roaming minutes too.

Orange is adding to its range of tariffs, basically sacrificing minutes for more data and extra elements.
It seems offerings from the networks are dropping like raindrops since the inceptions of the iPhones. But the price of the iPhone is still the same.

So would you buy an iPhone4 paying a hefty sums to just avail the network plans?


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