Orbeats Game Review

iPod touch Orbeats

Here comes a musical game. You better play it with earphones covering your ears so that you can enjoy the music.

Do you have the urge to listening to music? Want to hum a catchy tune? Stirfire Studio and Wrk Studio bring you Orbeats.

iPhone Orbeats Screenshot

On your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can play this game by doing three things, tapping, holding and sliding. You will explore the growing music library for new challenges. With each track having four difficulty flavours, some easy and some masterful, it can sway your mood with its own unique artwork.

This game carries a tutorial. You can read it and understand how to play.

Let us take a look what this game has got besides tutorial:

1. Four awesome tracks. In a wide variety of style, more will be available for download. You would never know when you started tapping your feet while listening to music and playing the game. There is a feature to purchase tracks and add them to the game.
2. There are four difficulty levels in each track, complimented by beautiful custom backgrounds.
3. This game has a trophy room. If you win a trophy, you can show it to your Facebook friends.
4. Playing this game can be a good exercise for your fingers.
5. This game also has a “kid-friendly” mode which is comparitively easy.

iPad Orbeats trophy screenshot

Apart from these, this game has a lot to offer. I would not like to give all the spoilers and kill the suspense. You have to find out on your own by playing the game.

So are you ready to play this game, humming some melodius tune while playing.

Click here to buy and download Orbeats.

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