OrganiDoc HD Eases Your File Management On iPad [REVIEW]

OrganiDoc HD

In your iPad, you can store huge number of documents, pictures, videos, in your iPad. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to arrange and manage all the files in your iPad.

Many times, while reading a PDF document on your iPad, you are upset if the app that your are using to read PDF document is not having the feature that you are looking for.

But now there is a reason to smile as you have OrganiDoc HD, a really cool app that would help you manage your files in your iPad. This app in itself is a brand new design for iPad with amazing file management features.

OrganiDoc HD

For many iPad users, iPad is like their personal data hub. So, when you have so many files in your iPad, you would definitely need a powerful file management app to manage docs, pics, videos saved in iPad or email. OrganiDoc HD meets the expectations that your would have with your file management app.

OrganiDoc HD provides you a wonderful way to browse (and have a glance) at your docs, pics, videos in different User Interface (UI). A protected area is designed for you to save private data and keep it a safe way. In addition, OrganiDoc HD can even integrate popular internet cloud disks such as Dropbox, Google Drive, MobileMe iDisk, box, Soonr, ASUS WebStorage, SugarSync, iCloud…etc. Thus, now it would be easy for you to manage all your files scattering in different storages into one app.

OrganiDoc HD

OrganiDoc HD has been developed by Wenjoy Technologies. Based in Taiwan, Wenjoy Technologies is a mobile technology expert that claims to be pursuing innovation to bring the convenience of mobile applications for users to enjoy. Their motto is “enjoy technology everywhere”. That is why, they develop mobile apps for the convenience of users.

Following are the important features of OrganiDoc HD:

1. You can easily transfer documents, pictures and videos from your PC through iTunes enabling browsing and management anytime, anywhere.

2. Using OrganiDoc HD is a revolutionary way to present your files in their respective presentation and interfaces. This would allow more efficient file management.

3. You can manage your documents, pictures and videos in both public and protected mode.

4. You can easily save your attachments within email to OrganiDoc HD.

5. You can use free Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud disk services for backup remotely. Later, you can download them on demand to your iPad.

OrganiDoc HD

6. OrganiDoc HD is tightly Integrated with iOS5 iCloud. You can simply tag files, photos or videos with iCloud icon and then they will be automatically stored to iCloud and pushed to your iPhone’s OrganiDoc for sharing.

7. OrganiDoc HD can observe sharing status of your Google files or Dropbox on iPad anytime.

8. Compression files such as ZIP or RAR can be easily extracted in OrganiDoc HD. Password protected ZIP or RAR are also supported. With OrganiDoc HD, you can compress files and folders to a ZIP file.

9. You can conveniently use OrganiDoc HD as your one stop file management app for emailing or dispatching file to other apps for the purposes like further editing.

10. OrganiDoc HD can use Wifi to transfer file from your PC to iPad when there is no access to USB cable.

11. OrganiDoc HD has Support Air print features with which you can take print out files in iPad easily.

12. Support TV features are there in OrganiDoc HD. You can can easily connect your iPad to TV or projectors to do presentation.

13. Pictures are saved with complete information such as Global Positioning System, focus, resolution and so on.

14. OrganiDoc HD can converting wmv, flv, f4v, rm, rmvb, avi, mpg, asf, mkv, 3gp video files to iPad playable mp4 or audio-only mp3 files. During the conversion, you can still play other video files.

15. You can browse through a variety of file formats that are supported. Supported formats are MS Office (like doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx…), iWorks ’09, ’08, ’06 files (like key, numbers, pages…), PDF file (pdf), Text files (like txt, rtf, rtfd), Web files (like htm, html, xml, svg), Safari Web Archives (webarchive), Compressed files (like zip, rar), Image files (like jpeg, tif, png, gif, bmp, BMPf, ico, cur, xbm), Video files (like mp4, mov, m4v…) and Audio files (like aac, mp3, m4a…).

16. Languages supported by OrganiDoc HD are English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Following video gives you a glimpse of OrganiDoc HD:

Following are some features from the latest version 2.8.3 of OrganiDoc HD:

1. You can create and remove folder functions in cloud storage.

2. OrganiDoc HD supports folder selection and creation when you are uploading to cloud storage.

3. OrganiDoc HD support ASUS WebStorage and SugarSync cloud service.

4. OrganiDoc HD supports files moving between areas.

5. OrganiDoc HD support the new iPad.

6. Lastly, many bugs have been fixed.

OrganiDoc HD is compatible with iPad. It requires iOS 4.2 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining OrganiDoc HD from the app store via gift card and the app has been used on an iPad.

So do you find file management in your iPad easy with OrganiDoc HD? Post your comments.

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