Organidoc HD iPad app Review

Organidoc HD

Here comes a new app that helps in storing, sharing and protecting your digital files and documents of all types.

Introducing Organidoc HD. This app helps you carry all types of documents including, pdf, MS Office documents, text files, web files, archives, photos and videos. Organidoc HD is easy to use. You do not need to depend on a manual to learn and understand the functioning of this app.

How to use Organidoc HD
Organidoc HD allows you to choose how you want to sync and upload your documents to you iPad. With Organic HD, USB cable is not the only way to upload documents from your computer to iPad and sync them via iTunes file sharing. Now you can sync your documents simply by WiFi. All you need to do is to tap the wireless icon in Organidoc HD app in the lower left corner and connect from your computer to the http address provided you by app. You need to be on the same wireless network. Only then this will work. Now select your document and upload it.

Organidoc HD recognizes a lot of formats and this saves you from the worries whether the format your file would be recognized or not.

Cloud Service Integration
You can connect your favorite Cloud Services. You can also use many services like Dropbox, Google Docs, iDisk, Mobile Me etc. These services is password protected so that you can keep your documents safely.

So what would you like to store in your iPad through Organidoc HD? Tell us in the comments section.

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