OS X Mountain Lion Features New Safari


Apple’s latest update to OS X, Mountain Lion, will bring more than 1,700 new Application Programming Interface (APIs), greater iCloud integration, Siri-esque dictation, and a redesigned Safari.

It will also bring all the iOS-like features that were seen in the developer preview a few months ago. All of this will cost a paltry $19.99.

All of the iCloud and iOS features like an OS X notification center have been well documented. However a new feature “Power Nap” will allow users to back up their hard drive, and updating data while the computer is asleep. The mode is meant to preserve battery life and it will work with second-generation MacBook Airs as well as the next generation MacBook Pros.

Previously known iCloud functionality, at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this Monday, that service was introduced by Apple as “Documents.” Much like notes, calendars, email, and everything else in the iCloud world, Documents will finally make its way to OS X after being available for iOS.

Apple also unveiled a new Dictation feature much like the iPad’s dictation option. This feature will allow users to speak words into existence in Apps ranging from Microsoft Word, to notes, to Twitter and pretty much anything that involves text entry.

Safari’s redesign is very similar to Chrome. The URL and search bar have been integrated into a single bar. Apple has also brought unified tabs and bookmarks into the mix.

Now users will be able to sync their browsing information across all of their devices. This will allow users to seamlessly continue the web search that they started on their iPhone when moving to their MacBook Pro, iPad, or any other device.

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