Our Galaxy Tab is the strongest.

There has been wars going among the iPad makers for their tablets. Who stand out whom? And we are also confused who’s product is the best, because it affects us ultimately.
Recently Samsung has quoted that their forthcoming Galaxy tab is stronger than the iPad.
Samsung’s head of product planning, WP Hong said that he ‘didn’t see any features on the Galaxy Tab that were weaker than the Apple iPad, because it communications features like the video chat, something they have that doesn’t exist in the iPad and mention of the portability is must because now you can make calls wherever you be.
Weight is also a factor to feel the experience, the Galaxy tab is almost as half of the iPad.
Samsung has put all this grounds to prove their Galaxy is no weaker than the iPod.
Do you think Galaxy is the best? Oh! Don’t ask me, my hands are already in the air.

Thanks, TechRadar.com

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