Outgoing calls going mute on some iPhone 4S handsets

iPhone 4S

As if battery related problems of iPhone 4S was not enough, iPhone 4S there is a new problem with not all, but with many handsets of Apple iPhone 4S.

On the Apple Support forum, there is a new thread where visitors are sharing the experiences of not being able to hear anything when making outgoing calls.

The bug has been reported to be on all three major carriers. It does not occur with every call. However, on some occasions, it prevents users from hearing anything in their earpiece when making an outgoing call. Some users claim that more than half of their outgoing calls go mute on their earpiece.

So far Apple has not acknowledged this problem. Various blogs and news networks are taking up this news. Let us wait and watch how Apple addresses the issue and what steps would Apple take for providing a remedy to this problem.

Source: Modmyi

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