Pac-Man Remix, And It’s 3D Now

home_screen_icon_largeAs I look 15 yrs back, there were many NES games which I had loved. Pac-Mac is on one of them. I never get enough of this game. When I got iPhone for the first time and heard Namco was going to produce titles for iPhone, I never had imagined they would do a Pac-Man for iPhone. And when they did, it was fun! It really made me turned on.
Now, official Pac-Man remake, Pac-Man Remix comes from Namco, and it’s really a good one. The gameplay didn’t changed a lot, but the controls and new features are amusing and entertaining.
There are power-ups items packed in this remix version. Like Jumping over the walls, dash which let’s you move faster etc.

Over all, for Pac-Man lovers like me, It’s a great one. $5.99 at the App Store [Link].

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