Hand-Picked: Clear, the To-Do List App For Mac and iOS

Clear – Tasks, Reminders & To-Do ListsRealmac Software LimitedProductivity$9.99Download

Today We launched our vibrant new category, Hand-Picked. We envision the category to voice opinions and standpoints on apps for iOS & OS X, we admire these apps and see a promising consumption value being received by the users. There’s a simple yet meaningful story behind the depreciation of the usual Review category to a fresh, more responsible category, Hand-Picked. While I was discussing about reviewing Clear app for Mac with my colleague Mark, he jokingly said “We better be careful, Clear doesn’t really need a review.” We continued discussing about apps we truly embrace and wish to feature on our website for our readers.

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Clear is a to-do app in the overcrowded Productivity category of the app store. Why I say overcrowded is because productivity driven apps are submitted every fortnight, very few ones make it to the top and eventually become an important part of a user’s daily life, a tool to kickstart your day and an app which stays on your iPhone, Mac for a reasonable amount of time. While you look around, veterans & award winning apps like Things already occupy a senior rank, there’s a stiff competition which already exists and to cut across this competition is an achievement in itself. Clear certainly transcends well-known productivity apps and is fully able towards resting on your iPhone, Mac for months or even years.

Given a first glance, Clear might appear a clean, simple app, lacking in details and frills expected from a typical muscly built productivity app, and not powerful enough to carry the burden of meticulous schedules and routines of a user. But, once you start using you realize how effectively it manages to-do’s and is a secretly feature-packed app. Clear can smoothy manage a complex productivity plan of a user.

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Enjoy Sweets And Foster Calories With CooCoo Planet [Review]


Simulation games are actually sweet, lovable, you fall in love with this whole cycle of producing and reaping. Its a perpetual rhythm of sowing, harvesting and savoring the growth. There’s more to it, more than being just a Simulation. As a player, I was so intrigued and fascinated by FarmVille that I wrote about an engrossment phenomena which I had been through. It was a sticky phenomena and I only visualized crops, home farm, decorations and everything possible required to fabricate the perfect farm. It was indeed a charming experience. While you are undergoing a relentless journey of copying activities from ‘real life’ into the game, you learn a lot of planning and organizing skills, appears nonfictional at times. Perhaps there are failures in this category, hundreds of game make a promising entry and end up with an unhappy exit.

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Beats Acquisition To Bring “Culturally Aware” Managers to Apple

Beats_by_Dre_iPhone_MJ_Rodriguez-PhotographyAccording to a report published by Tech Crunch, employing “culturally aware” managers at Apple is a signal of why Apple is interested in acquiring Beats.

The reports outlines that Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are influential entrants in the company, and that the engagement fits Tim Cook’s recent hiring of fashion-oriented managers like Angela Ahrendts from Burberry, Wearable expert Ben Shaffer from Nike, and Paul Deneve from Yves St. Laurent.

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Unlock An Adventurous Journey And Subjugate The Monsters With SEED 4 [Review]

Massive Multiplayer Online role playing games (MMORPG) as a genre usually creates curiosity and raises expectations every time you play a new MMORPG driven game. Despite of the fact that there is a predetermined criterion which constitutes MMORPG, yet a user before playing a MMORPG expects newness. Looking from a developer’s perspective, there remains a massive challenge in capturing the complete ideology of MMORPG, A developer who is venturing into making a MMORPG has to beat the existing competition in order to make the game rise up the charts. After undergoing a relentless gameplay cycle of the well-known MMORPG Seed 4, I can insist that the developers have put in a sincere effort behind development of this game and it does absolute justice to the MMORPG category of games.

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Apple Granted License To Operate And Market In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia will see Apple fans rejoicing as Apple receives the license to operate by the SAGIA (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority). According to a local news report Apple has been given clearance to fully function in the region with the subsidiary name as “Apple, Saudi Arabia.” The license will allow Apple to market, maintain and develop products in the geography.

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