Framing the right words with Quint [Review]

Few days back we reviewed Diveland, a two-dimensional world game created to render a rich three dimensional world experience. The developers of Diveland, Andrea and Steve Bourne have come up with yet another simple yet challenging game Quint, which is a classic tile based word game, centered on the idea of making 5-letter words. Fundamentally, in a tile based game tiles are the elements of play. In a tile based game, tiles either create multiple possibilities for the board layout or allow changes in the overall board geometry during play. Quint’s foundation is on the former presumption which means, with the help of tiles multiple possibilities can be created using your intellect to generate meaningful words. The game becomes really addictive as it proceeds.

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iOS Users Reporting Apple ID Error Messages

A few international iOS users wrote on Apple’s support forums, MacRumors forums and Twitter reporting issues on unsuccessful app updates today. According to users who faced this issue, the procedure of updating apps in the iTunes popped a warning messaging stating “the update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancelled.”

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New Aerial Photos of Apple’s Spaceship Campus


Apple’s upcoming “spaceship” campus is progressing rapidly, we have new aerial photos by the AppleToolbox show. The photos are much clearer than the previous ones we shared, the layout of the area depicts a spaceship circumference.

The Apple Campus 2 will be built on a 2.8 million square foot area. It is intended to accommodate more than 12,000 Apple employees with the provision of the best amenities around making the property as of one the top—notch office buildings in the world.

The tentative year of completion is 2016 in Apple is hoping to finish the first phase of construction.

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Jimmy lovine’s Probable Joining as Special Adviser

A few hours ago we published a news on the possible acquisition of Beats Electronics by Apple, we have a new update from the New York Post which says Beats CEO, Jimmy Iovine might join Apple as a ‘special adviser’ on creative matters.

Beats Electronics boss and veteran music industry executive Jimmy Iovine is in talks to join Apple as a “special adviser” to Tim Cook on creative matters, two sources close to talks tell The Post.

Iovine has significant contacts in the music industry, which might allow Apple to gain possible future negotiations with music labels. Jimmy Iovine is the Chairman of Universal Music Group’s Interscope Geffen A&M music labels.

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