Apple fined $11.4 M in Europe throttles at iPhone – Samsung fined $5.7M

The iPhone controversy throttle is not over yet. This is with addition to DOJ and SEC investigations in the US lawsuits. Thus the company fined €10M ($11.4M) Italian government … Reuters report the fine announced today – where one alongside for Samsung. Italy’s anti-trust watchdog on Wednesday fined Apple and Samsung with five million Euros…

iPhone XR: Hands-on and first impressions

The iPhone XR available with pre-orders officially arriving in stores on Friday. This is a gorgeous phone available in six colours. Thus the black and white models much like the phones where Apple releases the last few years with blue, coral, Product(RED), and yellow models absolutely not. Thus the screening up of a table seen where…

HomeKit Weekly: Libratone Zipp brings AirPlay 2 to Bluetooth speaker and Wi-Fi Speaker

HomeKit Weekly series focuses on smart home accessories, automation tips, and tricks, and everything with Apple’s smart home framework. HomeKit speakers along with the Home app has an interesting place with the name of a speaker. This is assigned it to room your home. Thus, one streams audio over AirPlay 2 controls audio playback with Siri….

Apple releases iOS 12.0.1 – iPhone XS charges and iPad 123 key positions

Apple releases iOS 12.0.1 for iPhone and iPad, a first bug, updates iOS 12 and iPhone XS release in September. Henceforth Apple details five problems with iOS 12 resolved in iOS 12.0.1 releasing notes already spotted by a tipster: Fixes an issue with some iPhone XS devices do not immediately charge getting connected to a Lightning…

Apple says ‘huge accessibility potential’ Shortcuts in iOS 12

Apple’s new Shortcuts feature a launch as part of iOS 12, gained swift popularity with users and developers. One aspect of Shortcuts is largely un-discussed meaning for accessibility. MacStories getting out today with a closer look is at the role of Shortcuts where Apple’s Senior Director of Global Accessibility Policy & Initiatives is weighing in….

iPhone XR Apple’s strategy disrupt self with features and price before others do, says analyst

From IHS Markit – an interesting look with a different approach where Apple has with iPhone XR. Thus the firm sees a new 6.1-inch model as a proof. This is where Apple acknowledges many consumers which did not pay $1,000-$1,450 for iPhone. Wayne Lam, IHS Markit’s analyst shares a note of iPhone XR this morning….

Fit-bit charge 3 review: smarter than the average fitness tracker

There are smart-watches with cellular chips having near edge-to-edge screens, the Fit-bit Charge 3 something of a throwback. Thus there does not have a colour screen. You cannot install third-party apps. It does not even store music. But, without many things a smart-watch, well, smart, the Charge 3 is well with Fitbit’s flagship device. The iconic and versa have higher price tags…

Apple address ‘BeautyGate’ iPhone XS front camera skin smoothing in iOS12.1

The iPhone XR lifts everyone thoughts on the new mainstream iPhone. The front camera and rear wide-angle camera in the XR and XS; thus is identical, having the same upside and downside with Apple’s computational photographing. The Verge with an interesting tidbit: Apple adjusts the Smart HDR algorithm in iOS 12 retains more detail and addresses…

Kuo predict a new iPad Mini 5, Air-Power launch in late 2018 or early 2019, more

Introduction Apple’s big October 30th event, one week away reliable supply chain analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities predicted. Kuo predicts summation for a belief AirPower soon on supply chain sources. The analyst predicts Apple indeed producing a new iPad mini… Apple unveils a new event For Apple’s event next week, Ming-Chi Kuo expects…

Apple sign a lease where a large manufacturing facility in Milpitas, California

Apple signs a 10-year lease with 314,000, square feet industrial manufacturing space in Santa Clara County, California.  The agreement is between Apple and project developer, McCarthy Ranch, a single-storey warehouse facilitates located at McCarthy Creekside. This is a multi-phase development with a new city of Milpitas, where Apple pays around 90 cents per square foot….