Apple Publishes Guidelines for Law Enforcement Data Requests

Apple published a new page defining legal processes guidelines wednesday night, the page gives an idea about the guidelines with regard to customer data from U.S. law enforcement agencies, stating what information the company is permitted to retrieve and not permitted to do the same, from devices upon the receipt of a search warrant or a legal notice.

While extraction of data from passcode protected iOS devices, Apple specifies that it may only recoup information from their native apps including Message, Photos, Video, Contacts, Audio recording and call history. However, Apple will not allow access to email, calendar entries or any third-party app data. Apple said that data extraction and retrieval can only be performed on devices in “good working order” at Cupertino, California HQ.

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Jony Ive Nominated for Bay Area Treasure Award


Jony Ive, Design chief at Apple will be applauded with the Bay Area Treasure Award, presented by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The award is dedicated to Jony Ive for putting forward long-lasting innovation in designing products for Apple.

“Ive is our generation’s most innovative and influential figure in the field of industrial design–no other design mind has done more to transform the way we visualize and share information,” said SFMOMA Director Neal Benezra. “SFMOMA was the first museum on the West Coast to establish a department of architecture and design, and we’re thrilled to celebrate Ive’s revolutionary achievements.”

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Apple’s possible Acquisition Of Beats

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 8.30.20 am

Apple is said to close an acquisition with Beats Electronics, the California based producer of audio products and equipment. The company was founded by rapper and hip-hop producer Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and Interscope-Geffen-A&M Records chairman Jimmy Lovien, the company chiefly produces products under the brand “Beats by Dr. Dre”. According to Financial Times, the deal could be finalized anytime next week if negotiations go smoothly.

Although I think Apple’s buying Beats has nothing to do with headphones. All about Spotify & cloud-streaming music services iTunes.

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GoodReader 4 Comes Up With a Major Update

Good Reader 4 is now available in the App Store introducing powerful PDF Page Management features. Its a universal app now, available for both the iPhone and iPad. The new set of features involve PDF Reflow option, PDF Annotations along with Markups and highlights. There are improvements in Reading PDF files, Importing files, syncing with Cloud Storage and the management of files.

GoodReader - PDF Reader, Annotator and File ManagerGood.iWare, Inc.Productivity$4.99Download

The PDF Reflow enables word-wrapping PDF text to fit in the screen, after which auto scroll is possible and the text can be ready seamlessly.

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The Newest Speculated iPhone 6 With a Physical Mockup

We have been observing quite a number of sources airing photos and videos of iPhone mockups on the rumored iPhone 6. Most of the shown cases and mockups appear to be professed and the lack of concreteness create further anxiety around. MacRumors have got hold of something firm, apparently we don’t know this will be helpful, or might just expand the horizon of whispers going around.

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Progress Towards Sapphire Manufacturing May Elevate Competition


Apple dramatically transformed the design of MacBook Pro line of notebooks by embracing aluminum as one of the core components used in production. By doing this, Apple benefitted and the industry in a whole flourished. Now, the company is prepared to revolutionize sapphire manufacturing in a corresponding way, but Verge argues that ,its solely Apple who is going to benefit from this move.

When Apple gave an introduction to aluminum unibody MacBook Pros back in 2008, the company was depended on third-party suppliers to furnish the material needed for notebook production. Apple’s support helped manufacturers to scale up production levels and meet the growing demand for unibody machines.

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Get ready for an Amazing Rounded Journey with Diveland [Review]

Diveland is a simple yet challenging iOS game developed by the duo, Andrea and Steve Bourne. The game is an inspiration from Flatland published back in 1884. Flatland is a story about a two-dimensional world referred to as Flatland which is occupied by geometric figures. The world is about women and men, in which women are simple line-segments and men are polygons, the story aims to describe a society rigidly divided into classes.

Item not available.

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Apple Set To Open Store Inside World Trade Center

We heard sometime back that Apple was planning to open up a store inside the upcoming World Trade Center shopping mall, New York. A present-day report states that Apple has indeed signed an occupancy tenure with the mall and the store is calendarized to open in the new mall in 2015.
According to the NYPost, they reported that a deal was struck last month:
Apple, Canali, Hugo Boss, John Varvatos, Mont Blanc and Breitling have all signed deals for the WTC’s main hall, according to sources.

TheRealDeal reported with additional details about the deal this week. According to the publication, Apple was not satisfied with the design plan of the lower-level of the mall in which stores will be located.

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Apple Becomes #2 Online Retailer Behind Amazon

apple-online-retail-above-staplesAs per a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has succeeded in overshadowing its retail counterpart Staples taking a 2nd position in the space of online retail. This report is published by Internet Retailer, which stated Apple’s online sales data leaped significantly to 24% last year, although this rise is due to Internet Retailer including the sales of the company’s online hardware along with the revenue made by Apple from digital content download through iTunes and the App Store, so it does not portray an actual increase in sales metric.

This also means Apple could be standing in the 2nd position for sometime now, but essentially not recored by Internet Retailer because sales of the company’s hardware such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV, was kept out from the list.

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Apple is Conducting a King Size Event in Retail Stores

apple_store_employees1Apple is organizing a king-size iPhone event in its retail stores this week. The initiative is an a attempt to boost up sales which is comprehended as the iPhone upgrade event. Beginning May 8th, Apple retail staff will be emailing qualified iPhone users for an iPhone update to the stores. The event will allow consumers to shift up their existing generation of iPhone to the latest one, apparently to a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c.

According to a source, this initiative gels pleasantly to that of Apple’s—Store based iPhone hardware trade-in strategy. The strategy permits consumers to exchange their old iPhone to buy a new generation of iPhone at a discounted price. To make this strategy more persuasive, Apple has increased the buyback prices of iPhone under trade-in program.

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