Apple is Conducting a King Size Event in Retail Stores

apple_store_employees1Apple is organizing a king-size iPhone event in its retail stores this week. The initiative is an a attempt to boost up sales which is comprehended as the iPhone upgrade event. Beginning May 8th, Apple retail staff will be emailing qualified iPhone users for an iPhone update to the stores. The event will allow consumers to shift up their existing generation of iPhone to the latest one, apparently to a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c.

According to a source, this initiative gels pleasantly to that of Apple’s—Store based iPhone hardware trade-in strategy. The strategy permits consumers to exchange their old iPhone to buy a new generation of iPhone at a discounted price. To make this strategy more persuasive, Apple has increased the buyback prices of iPhone under trade-in program.

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Google Maps For iOS Refined With New Additions

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.09.25 amGoogle updated its Google Maps today, improving the app’s capabilities such as turn-by-turn direction ability. Google Maps will hereafter guide drivers with lane information through lane guidance feature added to the app. It will also be easier to take alternate routes while navigation due to this improvement.

While Google Maps have always aided the use of maps on an offline mode, there’s an improvement to this feature with the ‘save maps to use offline’ option inside the app, making it simpler to track saved routes. The app is added with various new filters to chose from, restaurant and venue selection based on hours, ratings, price, specific points of interest and more to save within the app.

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Increase in Sapphire Display Cost May Restrict Production of Next iPhone

iphone-6-glass-saphaire1The supply chain sources at Apple assert it might be difficult for the giant to turn around large qualities of 5.5-inch iPhone into production. This is essentially due to rising cost of Sapphire as the display material. As stated by a report, the soaring cost of sapphire as one of the components required for production might be an obstacle in producing a scratch-resistant iPhone version.

Looking into the details of the report we observe that a sapphire display will cost around $280 which is a notable shoot up from $44 deployed for a 4-inch retina display in iPhone 5s. This extra expense of $236 will lead to a price escalation of an iPhone, eventually affecting the maximum retail price and heavily impacting the affordability point for the consumers.

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Has Apple Got its Mojo Back?

Wall_Street_-_New_York_Stock_ExchangeApple’s share prices closed at $600.96 Monday afternoon setting a new 52-week high for the company. Being a high in the March quarter, Apple announced an expanded capital reinvestment program.

The New York Stock Exchange, credit Carlos Delgado via Wikipedia.

When the markets closed at 4:00 Eastern, Apple was at $600.96. The company crossed the $600 threshold just minutes before the NASDAQ halted official trading for the day.

Apple shares closed above $600 for the first time since November of 2012, but are still off $100 from their all-time high reached in September of that same year. Apple’s shares were up more than $8 for the day to reach the mark. The company’s market capitalization is now at $517.65 billion.

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Apple and Microsoft are Just Amazing ‘Two-Trick Ponies’

ballmercrazedMicrosoft’s former CEO, Steve Ballmer during a talk at the Oxford Union reckoned Apple and Microsoft as amazing ‘Two-trick’ ponies, according to Geekwire.

In Steve Ballmer’s words,

After inventing the modern PC, Ballmer said Microsoft’s second trick was working with IBM and figuring out how to incorporate microprocessors into the way businesses work. He added that Apple is also a two-trick pony, having built the Macintosh and then pushing forward low-power touch computing, starting with the iPod.

“They’re an amazing company because they did two tricks,” Ballmer said of Apple. “We’re an amazing company because we did two tricks.”

Ballmer was always noticed as a candid leader of Microsoft, after Bill Gates. His video of him laughing at the first generation iPhone has pulled more than 1.4 million views on YouTube since 2007.

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Declining Sales At Apple Retail Stores


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The much acclaimed sales volume of Apple’s retail kingdom have started to show a decrease as the company’s supply chain expands and the total number of distributors increase. This phenomena is being contemplated as the maturity of product lines currently sold by Apple. According to a new report, the retail outlets continue to render profits and attract mac shoppers everyday. The numbers for the Same store sales indicate a decline of 5% in March after a bounce of 3% in December, data collected by analyst Needham Charlie Wolf. Wolf shared the figures this morning for the investors.

The heart of the problem, as Wolf explains is due to a lack of major new product introductions which traditionally drive consumers into Apple stores. For instance, iPhone which is a highly sellable product for Apple is distributed and sold through multiple channels which evidently reduce Apple Store crowd.

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Will iWatch Be Renamed?


The world’s largest swiss manufacturer of watches, Swatch has undertaken a measure to protect its similar sounding product iSwatch to that of iWatch which has gone into production in small quantities by Apple. The action taken states the use of iSwatch label to iWatch which is too similar to their product, said CEO Nick Hayek, Swatch Group.

Swatch is looking at blocking Apple Trademarks for the name ‘iWatch’ because of their in-house line of watches called ‘iSwatch’. The company officials say they are going to fight the trademarks for iSwatch, but we don’t have any news on how they plan to proceed with their assertion on protecting their label.

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Mommy Child Wearable, Life Made Easy


A wild child, a daring child, an adventurous child, any or all of the three childs can be taken care by Tinitell. This utilitarian GPS tracker for children will take away considerable amount of a mom’s stress and save her from the running around in every few minutes. Tinitell will allow you to communicate with your child in a new way. The device is a wearable phone and a GPS tracker for kids. The functionality of Tinitell is engineered in the form of a wristband for kids.

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Wearble Technology Improves Employee Productivity And Job Satisfaction

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 2.58.55 AM

The finding of a new research says wearable technology can have a positive impact on employee productivity and job satisfaction. The research report, titled The Human Cloud at Work (HCAW) A Study Into the Impact of Wearable Technologies In The Workplace, states that wearable technology has various benefits and can improve an employee’s productivity. The Human Cloud at Work is an experimental is an experimental design research collaboration between the Institute of Management of Studies (IMS) at Goldsmiths, University of London and Rackspace [pdf].

Wearable technology is arguably the biggest trend since tablet computing so it’s natural that employees and businesses will look to use these devices in the workplace. Our initial findings suggest that there is benefit to be gained from doing so alongside risks and opportunities that need to be proactively addressed

says, Dr. Brauer.

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Make Your Raspberry Pi Look Like Apple II


Raspberry Pi is a tiny low cost computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. When you order one for yourself, the shipped Raspberry Pi arrives in a plastic case which can be boring to look at after sometime, once you plug it to a large screen TV a bright Raspberry appears.

We have a vintage option which one will love it. Popularly known as Apple II Raspberry cases, these are being sold by Charles Mangin for $115. The case comes in various varieties which includes the first Apple II, the IIe and the Platinum IIe.

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