Fundawear Garments: Couples Can Physically Tickle and Tantalize Using iPhone


Wearable Experiments, a socially driven wearable technology company have updated their famous digital magazine for the iPad, The Unlimited Mag-Sex Sells. The update comes with design enhancements and bug fixes. Since inception, their focus has been on approaching wearable technology from a design perspective, in every way possible. The content of this digital print draws in a lot of appreciation and is youthful and energetic.

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Taking a Selfie Can Be Hurtful

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 7.38.38 PM

Next time you are trying to capture the perfect selfie for yourself, be careful because selfies are no more permitted with animals, animals are anti-selfie. A 17-year old Brian Genest from Florida went on a trail to enjoy greenery

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After All Everyone Isn’t Paul Miller

This looks funny but later I realised the fact that any kind of effort, attempts taken to actually be away from your phone is hard, its like being harsh on yourself. But, this holds true when its not just a phone, should be an iPhone to be able to that. So, I added a new sense to this comic piece which is pasted above. After all everyone isn’t Paul Miller.

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Explore Your Feminine Side With These Inviting Wearables


The next generation of wearables show a strong fashion sense and are equipped with features which make a woman feel carefree and at times empowered. With iWatch gathering the much accepted hype we thought of exploring feminine Wearables and combining all into one. These wearables will surely evoke you to buy one for yourself.

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Apple’s Smart-Watch: Why Not iTime or iMinute?


The much self-promotion iWatch has been capturing and the natural pre-launch phenomena which a user goes through when its Apple, keeps evolving with every new product launch.

How comic is that we are not even sure, is iWatch ‘the name’ which is going to be launched as a smart watch or something else, so we made an attempt and devised few other names like, iTime, iMinute.

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Japan Gets iTunes Match

Apple is branching out iTunes Match in Japan which can be noticed on the ‘iTunes Match availability’ page. The service costs JPY3980 annually and it allows users to match their existing iTunes libraries with superior quality songs from Apple’s iCloud. Subsequent to matching, content becomes available in iCloud and can be accessed from any device. Apparently, iTunes Match is $25 annually in the U.S, considering the exchange rates the service in Japan costs roughly about $39.

Looking back at the expansions Apple made, Japan was one among the few countries where Apple sold music but restricted from offering iTunes Match. European countries, Finland, Denmark and Sweden had obtained the service last year, moving on to Australia Apple had launched iTunes Radio which is a music streaming service in February this year.

(Via Apple)

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iTunes in the Cloud Makes an Entry in Germany

As noticed on a German site, Apple today made an entry path for iTunes in the Cloud in Germany which includes access to movies and television shows. Users can now download TV shows on their Apple Tv along with playing any paid content bought by them.


Before this update, iTunes in the Cloud in Germany was restricted to apps, music and e-books although movies could be bought from iTunes. Apparently, Apple has also updated the terms of service in the country in order to indicate new content offerings but their respective pages are yet to be updated.

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Snapchat: The Most Innovative Chat Update Yet

The well-known Snapchat app today revealed a major addition of features leaving a large number of users in delight. They added one-to-one instant messaging and video calling. In order to start using these features a user can simply swipe to the right on one of their friends’s entries in the Snapchat inbox. When both the parties are online in the app at the same time, the app notifies them by animation a small button and thereafter they can begin with video chatting by tapping and holding the button.

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Update on iBeacon and Indoor Locations

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.30.29 PM
Virgin Atlantic Airline today announced the addition of Apple’s iBeacon technology into London’s Heathrow Airport. The airway will be procuring beacons from startup Estimote which will be installed in the airport to send customised messages, promotional offers and deals to the passengers. iBeacon will work in sync with Passbook app for iPhone to deliver this feature.

A Beacon is a small wireless device which is to be placed in a physical space and it broadcasts tiny radio signals to smart devices. Beacons enable exchange of data and information in a retail setup.

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Lawsuit Filed Against Apple By Agitated iPhone Users

Yesterday we wrote about Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung and how unusual that today we are writing about a lawsuit filed by few agitated iPhone users. Apparently, David Yastarb has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple both individually and on behalf of others in California. The epicentre of the lawsuit is on iOS7 issues and particularly the grayed out issue which happens with wifi and Bluetooth making them unusable. The suit filed is of value more than $5 million.

The lawsuit gives an explanation on the various generation of iPhone’s experiencing reduced functionality due to iOS updates, and necessarily forcing consumers to render their iPhones obsolete, which means consumers get procure a latest one.

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