Take Your Golf Gambles to the Next Level with Golf Money for iOS!

Scottsdale based POD LLC today announces the release of Golf Money for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Golf Money gives users the power to record every golf bet they make in real time, track their play by course and opponent, and input handicaps. This is the perfect app for golf gambling lovers eager to track their betting history, see win/loss records, and stay ahead of the curve while out betting golf with friends.

Scottsdale, Arizona – POD LLC, a burgeoning mobile applications developer, is excited today to announce the launch of Golf Money onto the App Store. Universally compatible across all iOS devices, this unique golf betting companion gives users the power to keep their golfing performance, bets, and more all together via a single intuitive hub that’s always available right at their fingertips. Users are free to add in contacts, track results and past bets by opponent and course, and review gambling history for any timeframe. Golf Money is currently available for download at promotional pricing of $0.99 in the Sports category.

Golf enthusiasts that enjoy wagering on their golf games know that keeping track of wagers, wins, and losses can become a complex, confusing proposition quickly. Golf Money was created for golfers by golfers to solve exactly this problem. The app utilizes four straightforward modules which together give users the tools they need to track every aspect of their golf gambles including who they’re betting against, current bets, and everything else in between. Users can add anyone they’d like into the app, designate them as partners or opponents, create teams and handicaps, agree on bets hole by hole, and do it all before they ever step foot out onto the green.

Not content to be a single use app, Golf Money also features full betting and performance bookkeeping functionalities, meaning that users can review and scrutinize everything from their lifetime earnings, to performance histories against specific players or on specific courses on demand from anywhere. Meanwhile, the app enables users to keep track of bets from a single location without ever needing to put pen to paper or track how their games unfold from memory. Don’t ever go into a golf game with money riding on it blind again. Get Golf Money today and always keep yourself organized and in the know while out on the tee.

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About the developer:

Founded in 2003, POD LLC is committed to bringing high caliber applications to a diverse array of clients. POD LLC creates their mobile products for today’s savvy media consumers. © POD LLC. 2013. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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Apple’s Impact on Retail

Allthingsd reports about AT&T’s new retail store.

The new-look stores, which are rolling out nationwide, feature lots of wood, lots of products to try out — and no check-out counters. Instead, workers with tablets will be able to help customers face-to-face throughout the store.

They are inspired by Apple Retail Stores.

Apple Retail Store
Apple Retail Store are the perfect place to shop for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and more. You can also visit to attend free workshops or get support for your exsisting Apple devices.

Smart Apple employees at Genius Bars offer free support and answer all your questions – ask them just about anything. They always impress.


Genius folks have these ‘red telephones’, a direct line to Apple product specialists, for questions too completecated for in-store employees to handle.

Scott McNulty shares how he loves Apple Store but it’s so crowded. These stores are crowded because people can not resist getting seduced. That’s what Apple stores are designed for.

Apple has it’s own techniques to seduce you. Apple takes care of every detail — one of the interesting techniques is the degree of inclination in which notebook computers screens are kept at. Forces you to step ahead, adjust the screen and start checking out the Mac computers.

You know about school trips to Meusems, parks etc. But school trips to the Apple Store? Yes.

It’s a computer store where you do not see unnesseary cables lying or any simply any unwanted stuff. Every thing is minimilistic, just right.

Generally efforts are put into building a perfect product. Apple does that. But Apple doesn’t stop there. They go our of their way – creating value for employees, customers, investors, shareholders, competitors, copiers.

Retail Intellectual Property
Apple Store designs are trademarked. Apple has patented signage & security features of the store, Paris Apple Store design is patented in the name of Steve Jobs. There are tons of store patents & trademarks registed. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Enjoy this video:

Update: Funny website mocking Apple Retail employee excuses. I believe people only dig on stuff they care about.

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theAppleBites Hot Deals


Here are some great app deals for today.

Downcast ($1.99 >> $0.99)
Bad Piggies ($0.99 >> Free)
Bad Piggies HD ($0.99 >> Free)
Camera Noir — B+W Photography ($1.99 >> $0.99)
Joe Danger ($2.99 >> $0.99)
Checkers — 2 players  ($4.99 >> $0.99)
Zombie Gunship  ($0.99 >> Free)
Tiny Thief  ($2.99 >> $0.99)
Civilization Revolution for iPad  ($6.99 >> $0.99)
Sid Meier’s Pirates! for iPad  ($2.99 >> $0.99)
XCOM®: Enemy Unknown  ($19.99 >> $14.99)
Wake Alarm  ($0.99 >> Free)


FX Photo Studio HD ($3.99 >> Free)
FX Photo Studio ($2.99 >> Free)

From yesterday:

Camera+ ($1.99 >> $0.99)
Scanner Pro by Readdle ($6.99 >> $1.99)
Star Walk™ HD – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide ($2.99 >> $0.99)
Hundreds ($4.99 >> $2.99)
TypeDrawing for iPad ($2.99 >> Free)

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Apple seeds OS X 10.8.5 Build 12F30 to developers

mountainlionApple today seeded build 12F30 of OS X 10.8.5 to developers, seventh built for OS X 10.8.5. First version was released on June 19th and last version of released one week past.

There is no known issue that Apple says has been fixed. OS X 10.8.5 beta is being developed along with next version of OS X Mavericks. Four betas of Mavericks has been released till date and the new operating system will be released this fall.

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Apple Might Release Next iPad Mini With No Retina


Yes, you hear it right. Reports suggest that Apple is testing a new iPad mini model that includes an A6 chip, the same as the current iPhone 5 and a non-retina display.

Google recently released ‘Retina’ version of Nexus 7. Even Apple’s greatest supporters not happy with the iPad Mini screen.

Since iPhone 4 — and till today with Retina MacBooks Apple has spoiled us with super sharp, ‘groundbreaking Retina displays’. It’s like going back to the old age with non-retina devices.

This would make sense if you remember iOS 7 is also launching soon & it’s pretty slow on iPad Mini. I personally wish this is just a rumour that never happens.

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Designers on Helvatica Neue Use in iOS 7


It’s a clean font that looks very nice.” It’s “modern, nice, readable, not awkward.

Rani Molla of Gigaom has done an interesting and extensive research on Apple’s Helvatica Neue Use in iOS 7.

It is widely known how Apple changed font weight from iOS 7 Beta 1 to Beta 3. Designers all over the world complained about the weirdly unreadable iOS 7 font. Also interesting to note that Helvetica Neue is much bigger — brands like 3M, BMW, American Apparel, Google use Helvetica Neue in their brand identities & products.

Some designers suggest Apple should have custom designed typeface for iOS & OS X that reflects works well on technology & has a brand voice. I’d disagree. A custom typeface would stand out completely & disconnect the world to Apple’s mobile & computer platform. Platforms need not maintain any brand identity, rather should feel & behave like all other products around us. I don’t want to be reminded about ‘Apple’ as a brand whenever I see a label or button (with text) on my iPhone.

Read more at Gigaom

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Apple promotes upcoming no-tax holidays

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 11.26.24 pm

Apple today published a notice about upcoming no-tax holidays in many of the US states. Participating states include Alabama, Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Note on Apple’s website:

When you buy from the Apple Online Store, sales tax will appear in your cart and during the checkout process. The correct no-tax amount will appear when you receive your email order confirmation.

Residents in states without a sales tax holiday can travel to those regions which do observe the practice. As part of the promo, sales tax is dropped from purchases when items are checked-out.

No-tax holidays essentially started to sell more computers in United States.

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Game Review: Goldenoid 3D

mzl.armjbanf Being a huge fan of brick games, I came across Goldenoid 3D as a complete delight, thus I thoroughly enjoyed cracking the entire gameplay. The app is pretty straightforward facilitating a focused gameplay. I appreciate the efforts of the developer in wrapping up this complete 3D experience with well-thought power-ups and challenges.

The app starts in a simple way wherein you have to destroy all the bricks to pass a particular level. While destroying, you randomly hit on bricks which render power-ups and multiply score. You will also get to grab coins on the go which convert into additional power ups, that is fun to achieve.

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