You Can Take Passport Photos With Your iPhone

Passport photo iPhone

Many times, you have to submit our passport photos for legal formalities at a short term notice.

Sometimes, we do not have much time to get a new picture to renew our passport.

There is a helping hand that can get you out of such tricky situations. There is an app that enables your iPhone to take your passport photo.

Named as ID Photos, app can take your Biometric passport/ID photo. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Basis requirement to run this app is iOS 4.2 or later version.

The price of this app is $1.99. It is available here.

This app knows the sizing requirements in 14 countries and it will set up your photo to be printed at the legally required size.

When taking your photo, ID-Photo overlays guidelines onto the camera so that you can be certain that your photo will meet the requirement. This app also lets you make adjustments to contrast, brightness, sharpening, and grayscale. Additionally, the app also features a list of tips for taking your photo and examples of both acceptable and unacceptable photos.

Once you photo is prepared, it is very easy to email or print to an Airplay compatible printer. Just tell ID-Photo the paper size and it will do the job!

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Source: iMore

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