Path iOS App Updated With New Features

Path Music Match

The Path iOS app was recently updated and the updated version is there in the App Store.

Path App users will now witness the introduction of a slew of new features such as Nike+ GPS Running Stories, Music Match (to help identify and share currently playing songs), and camera improvements.

The camera improvements include “Focus and Explore” effects along with “Pow!” comic book effects. All features, new as well as old, combined make Path more enjoyable and convenient to use than before.

Speaking of improvements, the biggest part of this new update is the integration of Nike+. Path created a website that showcased a demo of the new GPS Running Stories feature. In Nike+ you will now find the option within Share Settings to share something on Path. The demo flaunts a new part of this upgrade that allows a user to hear cheering sounds on his/her device when a friend leaves a comment or shares an emotion within a status update.

Another feature included is the Music Match option. This feature essentially brings features from apps such as Shazam over to patch. Gracenote powers this feature in Path. There were speculations that the Nike FuelBand will also be integrated over the “coming weeks.”

Another main feature that was added in the new update was the new focus and exposure camera controls along with new comic book style effects. Now you can view profile pictures in full size. There are updates to the camera lenses. You will also find new high-definition preview mode. There are also new options to see what music and movies were viewed by friends and family. You will also find a now show as an activity as well.

The updated Path app can be found here.

Now a bad news for you. Despite all the added features, the new update does not address the privacy issues over the address book data that emerged a few weeks ago and earned Path, a bad name. However, the company says that there is an update for that on the way. There has not been any further information regarding this matter. Thus, at this moment, we can only wait.

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