PayPal Charged Users $4,000 for Mac OS X Lion

Various PayPal users has been over charged for purchasing Mac OS X Lion from the App Store. Here, one user has reported that he has received a bill amounting to nearly $4,000 for the $30 software.

The problem has been show up in PayPal accounts as multiple $29.99 charges but when check in Apple purchase history it indicate only one purchase. Users have contacted Apple about the bill problem but till now they have not been able get refund. It was heard that both the companies are pointing finger at each other for the overcharge and Apple reports that they are still investigating.

The story was arises on the Official Apple Support Forums that was filled with various users who were mistakenly overcharges for OS X Lion. Here, PayPal are claiming that multiple charges arises from iTunes store and while Apple confirmed that iTunes store charges user only once.

For the moment, we recommended all the users of not using PayPal to purchase Lion from the App Store. Apple is still in the process of investigating the issue.

[Image courtesy Macdownloadatoz]

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