Get A Perfect Boyfriend With My Virtual Boyfriend [REVIEW]

My Virtual Boyfriend

Did your first date did not go well because the guy you went with was bookworm? Or perhaps you are upset that your second was a geeky guy who could talk only about video games? Perhaps you are frustrated that all the guys interested in dating you are bad boys.

But no worries! WET Productions are here to help you find your Mr. Right or Mr. Perfect. And no, we are NOT talking about former WWE Superstar Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig. We are offering an interactive game that would let create qualities for an ideal boyfriend and see what type of person a guy with such qualities would be. You can even decide his physical appearance as well and see a guy whose look has been carved out of your fantasy.

Presenting, My Virtual Boyfriend! In this game, you can find different types of guy. Ranging from geeky Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire from Spider-Man) to foul mouthed womanizer Stuart Shepard (Colin Farrell from 2003 movie Phone-booth).

My Virtual Boyfriend

My Virtual Boyfriend is a dating simulation game and it is unique in its own way. This game features a dose of both romance as well as humor. The comedic male stereotypes in this game are some of the most interesting virtual guys, to ever appear in an iOS device. It is the only date simulation game that features hundreds of men (virtual, not real) and each with his own unique personality.

There are 20 levels of game play and several different environments. Each level you gain unlocks new dialog, actions and activities that you can do. You will make the right move to win him over. If your move is wrong, the guy will be angry. You commit a bigger blunder and he might break up with you.

However, break-up would not mean end of the game. You can start afresh, just the way, you start afresh in real life.

My Virtual Boyfriend

Now we can have look at the awesome features of this game:

1. As mentioned earlier, there are 20 levels of progressive game play.

2. There are hundreds of men with different personalities. You can choose from a lot of options.

3. This game is fully Customizable and can be customized easily. You can not only change the face, hair, skin, clothes of your guy but you can also change his name if you want.

4. If you like movies from Resident Evil series, this game has Zombie boyfriends for you as well.

5. You can Interact with him via gestures, actions, activities and by touch.

6. There are several actions and activities that you can do together.

7. My Virtual Boyfriend features personalities that mirror typical and often funny, male behaviors.

8. There are thousands of lines of clever and funny dialog that keep this game entertaining.

9. My Virtual Boyfriend has High Resolution 3D graphics and 360 degrees of viewing.

10. Play well! You can earn achievements and rewards.

11. In case, you fail to win the game, cheat codes have been enabled in this game.

In the new version of My Virtual Boyfriend (Version 1.61), several bugs have been fixed.

My Virtual Boyfriend is a game but it features intense, mature and suggestive themes. Some characters in this game utter profanities. As there are reference to drugs and mild sexual content, we would like to recommend this game for adults. WET Productions themselves flash a disclaimer on their website that you should be at least 17 years old to play this game.

Following video is a trailer of this game to give you a clear picture about this game.

My Virtual Boyfriend

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My Virtual Boyfriend is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires, iOS 3.1.3 or later version.

So enjoy this game and share your feedback about this game with us by posting comments. If the guy you like in this game is a bad boy, better not introduce him to your dad.

This review has been written after My Virtual Boyfriend being obtained with a Press Promo Code and it has been used on an iPad.

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