Period Tracker: A must have app for women

Period Tracker Lite by GP APPS
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Without any doubt I can say that Period tracker is a great app for every woman to have on her iPhone. The app is a complete menstrual mentor. It is easy to use, easy to track and plan for upcoming events. The recent updates have made it even better. The app is pretty accurate and tracks down everything from days until your next period to when you had your last, along with symptoms, moods, and space to write your own notes on anything else you want to remember.

The calendar view has a little shades of gray and some icons. I am sure many women using this app would not be bothering about the sound or the graphics, all they want is to track their period cycle. Well the data entry is just the same like any other period app but it shows how differently they display the same information. You can press a button at the start of your period every month and Period Tracker will logs your dates and calculates the average of your past 3 months’ menstrual cycles to predict the start date of your next period. Export your period dates and notes to email for backup or doctor’s visit

In this app you can find the period days in various shades of pink triangles like “intimate” days have a heart, and a pink droplet means spotting. A little black dot means there are notes associated with that day, even if that note is also an icon on the calendar. The selected day is green instead of gray. Select personal period and ovulation defaults. Ok, when fertile then you can depict the date with flowers that show on your home screen during your predicted ovulation and eight day “fertile window.”

At the bottom, there is more information about the selected day and tapping here brings up the notes page. Notes have an on/off toggle for “Period Ended” and “Intimate Today” and selections for backaches, bloating, body aches, cramps, spotting, headaches, and tender breasts, all of which have 3 levels of severity.

In Period Tracker you can type your mood into notes, if you feel like none of the choices accurately depict your mood then you can just slide to the right and you can find different moods and symptoms to select from.

Well if you are looking for more features and functions then you can check out the FULL version of this app, ‘Period Tracker™ Deluxe’ for $1.99 at iTunes. Also you can protect your notes and other information because in update versions there is password protected.

The app is known for its simplicity. Period Tracker is quick to start and end a period and calendar view shows only the most important data. Period tracker also offers more note options (minus mood choices). It is more of a companion app to user. Many users have shows satisfaction and confidence using this app. However, it would be much better if there can be an e-mail alerts and also lots of mood selection (variety). Overall the app is awesome and worth using.

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  1. I thought the article was still missing some important features of the app:

    1. The app is password protected
    2. there are about 3 pages for moods pages, which lists almost every mood
    3. it also has a feature to enter weight, temp info into the calender

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