Pet Pal Helps You To Take Care Of Your Pets Efficiently [REVIEW]

Pet Pal

Now here is an app for your pet. Well, your pet will not use it. You will! And you will use to understand the needs of your pet and take care of your pet more efficiently.

Polymorphic Ranch LLC presents Pet Pal. As the name suggests, this app will help you to become the best pal of your pet.

Managing your pet can be a tiresome task sometimes as your pet also has feelings and demands. And US laws make it compulsory to take care of all needs of pet or else, animal rights activists and police are going to bother you a lot.

Pet Pal

Pet Pal will help you prepare to fulfill the needs of your pets in advance and pet management would become fun with this app. Pet Pal is not just a pet management app. It is also pet status tracking app, aimed at helping you keep track of vital statistics, information, and pet care data for all of your valued pets.

If you have a pet in your house, this app is necessary for you. If you have more than one pet, then this app is more necessary for you.

Etiquettes suggest that you should never give a pet to anyone as a surprise gift as pet management is tedious task. The person receiving pet as a gift would be angry with you as you have burdened him/her with responsibility. Thus, we also advise you not to do anything like that even if the person you want to give a gift to has Pet Pal in his iPhone.

You maybe wondering that why does a frog appears in the icon of Pet Pal. Honestly, I do not have any idea about that. However, my theory is that this would have been done to ensure that the app would appeal to children. Children, especially the naughty ones love to keep frogs as pets as frogs are small in size, do not require much to feed and can be kept in pockets. Children also use them to scare others as well. I hope you guys remember Dennis The Menace.

Pet Pal

In Pet Pal, you can record everything about your pets. You can set reminders for important pet events like vet visits and everything in between today. With Pet Pal, you will always be able to take care of your pets efficiently, regardless of whether your animal friend is a dog, a snake, or anything.

In Pet Pal, you can create profiles of your pets. Like, you can put the name of your pet, followed by its gender, breed, birthday and weight. You can also fill up the biological classification of your pet, on the basis of species that it belongs to. Pet Pal automatically populates biological taxonomy on the basis of simple search terms. This is very useful if you have exotic pets like Tarantulas. You can also create a time-table about their feeding days and record their status changes.

Speaking of exotic pets, Pet Pal has a database of desired temperature and humidity levels for many popular exotic pets. Thus, you can understand and make arrangements accordingly to ensure that your exotic pet would be comfortable in living at the place where you want it to be. With habitat details, you can keep track of your pet habitats. This includes all type of pets, exotic or not. You can keep a track of their maintenance records, temperature readings, humidity readings, and more.

Pet Pal

Pet Pal has an interactive calendar that tracks important things about your pet. In this app, you can also keep track of pedigree information including registration number, registered name, sire’s name, dam’s name and PDFs of paper records.

As mentioned earlier, in this app, you can set reminders for events related to your pet, including vet visits. Thus, Pet Pal will never let you forget any appointment with the veterinary doctor that attends your pet. You will always keep a track of how healthy or unhealthy your pet is. Pet Pal also has growth charts for tracking both weight and size of your pet over time.

Each status update (record) in this app can include a PDF file attachment or photo attachment as well as a full page of textual data. This would be very useful for keeping track of vet care receipts, pedigree registrations, and any other printed media data.

In the new version 1.2.0 of Pet Pal AirPrint Support has been added. Now you can print support added to enable printing reports for each pet and for each habitat. User Interface (UI) updates and improvements have been brought. These include smart population of feedings based on previous feedings, pet pricing and value fields, feeding success field. Many bugs have also been fixed.

Pet Pal tells you what environment your pet is compatible with. Thus, you should also keep in mind that Pet Pal is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd Generation iPod Touch, 4th Generation iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 5.0 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining Pet Pal from the app store via gift card and the app has been used on an iPod.

With this app, do you find the task of managing your pet easier than ever? Post your comments.

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  1. I purchased rhis app before on my iphone and saved to icloud and when i want to reload it, it is not available after it is a paid for application. Please explain why i cannot download this app now which is bery dissapointing.

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