Peter Hajas: MobileNotifier Beta 5 Released With MobileReply [Video]

Peter Hajas has announcedEcstatic Eggo, the most revolutionary release since the project’s inception. Hajas reveal that this is the last release that he will have a part in.

Earlier ModMyi site has reported that Peter Hajas is currently working on the Quick Reply implementation.

What’s new?

– MobileReply. Reply to text messages while within other applications! It works like magic!

– Full message text! Read everything in the alert, not just the first few words.

– Redesigned minimalist alert display!

– A brand new AlertDashboard, inspired by our amazing lockscreen view!

– Dismiss alerts right from the popup! Hate going into the dashboard to remove alerts you’ve just archived? Simply hit the “X” in the popup to dismiss them for good!

– Recall the most recent alert easily with an Activator action. Then use MobileReply to reply to it!

– Thanks to work by Marc Easen, MobileNotifier now supports calendar invitation alerts!

– Way way faster.

What’s been fixed?

– Lockscreen no longer displays if you have it set to “off”

– Various small bugfixes.

– Did I mention way way faster?

Last week, Hajas announced that he would no longer be working on the project but could not reveal why. Some have speculated that Apple may have given him a position. Hajas ended his post saying ‘stay hungry and stay foolish’, the same words that Steve Jobs used to end his 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.

[ Via Peterhajas ]

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